The Reformed Association of Culture and Political Action (ARCAP) is an independent, confessional, non-profit organization focused on bringing a reformed perspective to public and cultural life in Brazil.


We are based in Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil.

Mission statement

Our mission is to influence public opinion in Brazil by applying, and helping others apply, the Christian worldview to cultural and political action.


As Brazilians are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will serve the Church with ideas that equip us to be faithful to our Lord and King in our cultural and political tasks. We hope that this will lead to a positive and constructive influence of like-minded Reformed Christians in the public life of our nation.



  • We wholeheartedly embrace the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards as faithful summaries of what the Bible teaches us.

  • We promote, and adhere to, the Christian ethics of the Ten Commandments.

  • We understand that God ordains several realms of authority on earth, and that each type of authority ought to be limited to its own domain.

  • We affirm the importance of family and church as God-given realms of authority and cultural development.

  • We understand the roles played by a limited civil government, the market economy, and free associations as tools that help us pursue our cultural and political tasks with faithfulness, with God’s blessing.

  • We work to clarify these principles, share them with fellow Christians, and pray and hope that they will have a positive impact in our national life.

  • We understand that individual Christians may have different views on how to apply the same principles. We affirm a commitment to a healthy engagement with the public square through meaningful and respectful dialogue.



Our main activities are:

  • Research and education promoting biblical and Reformed scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, bridging between theory and its application to the Brazilian reality.

  • Publication of reports containing relevant data and analyses with cultural and policy recommendations framed by a Christian worldview.

  • Courses and events, training future leaders to serve our country in public life, by imparting ideas which are consistent with the Reformed confessions and Biblical points of view.

If you would like to know us better and find out how you can help support ARCAP, please send us an email at